Herrin Communities, Inc.

Herrin Communities, Inc. is making efforts to save the environment by switching to new green energy technology available! We switched our first location to green energy in 2011.  Appletown Coin Laundry and our main office now runs off of Solar Energy and Geothermal Heating & Air.  This building has a Solar PV system installed on the roof of the building and a new energy efficient Geothermal Heating & Air system. 

Our newest project we finished is at Meadow Brook Community Laundry & Community Center.  We installed a Solar PV system at this location that powers the laundry and the community center.  With this project, we made some improvements to the design of our project.  This time, we located the solar panels on top of a shade canopy behind the building on the playground that will serve as a picnic area, and we located the inverters for the system right inside of the laundry center.  The solar panels on top of the building actually serve as the roof and the ceiling of the canopy.  Standing under the canopy, you can look up and actually see the solar panels at work.  While waiting on your clothes to wash, you can watch the inverters to see how much power the sun is generating.  We made these changes to our second project, because we wanted people in the community to be able to enjoy and learn about the green energy technology available.  We believe it is important to take advantage of the green energy technology that is available, and it is vital to teach our future generations about ways we can take care of our Earth.  

Check out these pictures of the finished project at Meadow Brook Community Laundry & Community Center!